Financial planning is the
long-term process of wisely
managing your finances
so you can achieve your goals
and dreams, while at the
same time negotiating the
financial barriers that inevitably
arise in every stage of life.

Financial planning is a process,
not a product.

—Financial Planning Association


More about financial planning

Financial planning at TGFA is detailed, and iterative; it’s not what insiders call “yellow-pad planning”. We're serious about the discovery process and the value of careful financial modeling.


Client engagements generally start with a comprehensive financial plan: a dissection of your current financial position and your strengths and weaknesses, followed by written analysis and recommendations on investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, and education and estate issues, delivered over a series of in-person meetings.


The purpose of the initial plan is to clean up, reorganize, reposition, identify the gaps, model the possibilities, and create an action list. In short: to align the financial elements so they’re pointed in the right direction—in service of your goals and prudent financial practices.


Going forward, one of two regularly scheduled meetings each year will be focused solely on financial planning issues. In that meeting, the long term financial projections are updated to monitor if you’re on course for living a long life without taking undue risk that you’ll run out of money, or whether you should be making some course corrections. We address the financial planning issues that arise -- expected and unexpected -- as life goes on, goals and circumstances change, taxes and other laws change, and we all get older.