More about investment management

Investment management at TGFA is straightforward, and based on sound, time-tested investing principles.


Therese invests client assets in broadly diversified no-load mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds), both indexed and actively managed, as well as individual bonds and CDs. Portfolios are based on your tolerance for investment risk and need for investment return and are then built with low costs, diversification, spending needs, and tax-efficiency in mind.


The firm provides a system for your investments: a system that ensures that dividends and interest are reinvested appropriately, the bond/CD ladder is kept going, asset classes are researched, investment vehicles and potential alternatives are regularly monitored, tax losses are harvested, and most importantly, accounts are rebalanced when markets are moving dramatically.


Good investment management takes a combination of time and attention, technical expertise, and emotional steadiness; it can be very helpful to delegate to a professional on all counts.