Preparing For Retirement

… In Retirement

… Widowed or Divorced



Preparing to retire

If you're preparing to retire, you probably have three primary questions:


Can I afford to retire?


Does this portfolio of (mutual funds/stocks/cash/annuities/my company's stock/privately-traded REITs/name your exotic financial product here) that

I've managed to somewhat randomly gather over the years make any sense?


And how do I get cash to live on once I'm retired?


TGFA has a systematic way of walking you through the preparation phase, which starts with gathering every piece of relevant information, some of which you may never have looked at (the summary plan document from your pension plan, for example) or thought about (the impact of retiring before age 62 on your estimated Social Security benefit at age 70, for example). The firm will challenge the most important determinant of your long term financial security: your retirement budget. Are you accounting for where the money's going now and then reasonably projecting which expenses will rise or fall in retirement?


If you're preparing to retire, we'll be going over the laundry list: Social Security. Rollovers. Required Minimum Distributions. Roth conversions. Where to take distributions. Estimated taxes and tax withholding. Inflation risk. Longevity risk. These are issues we live with on a daily basis.